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v1.1.2 tyja-slider

tyja-slider default: slide images are not hidden any more in mobile views by default. In order to remove images in mobile views the image shall be removed via the divi responsive feature for mobile.

v1.1.1 tyja-slider

tyja-slider subtext: removed <overflow-y overflow-y: visible> from tyja-slider. It shall now be set via custom css only for the subclasses that require it.

v1.1.0 tyja-slider

+ added wrapper class for tyja-slider variants
⚡ breaking change: the tyja-slider class is now always required along with tyja-slider subclasses (example: tyja-slider tyja-slider-sbs)
+ added tyja-slider-subtext variant which moves the slider description beneath the slider

– removed width configuration subclasses (image width shall be configured via custom css)

v1.0.0 tyja-slider

+ added tyja-slider-sbs (side-by-side) variation
+ supported widths: 30% (default) 25%, 33%, 50%